Auto Fanatic is my lifelong dedication into every aspect of the automotive lifestyle.

I am proud to be a successful owner of multiple automotive businesses spanning almost three decades. Having worked on thousands of cars hands on or through my engineering developments I have reached automotive enthusiasts in over 165 countries worldwide. I share 27 years of experience mastering many technical areas within the automotive industry such as motorsports engineering, performance parts design & manufacturing, custom car building, vintage car restorations and auto detailing. With this breadth of experience and the world class hand craftsmanship skills I possess The Auto Fanatic lifestyle brand was born.

With the launch of the new Auto Fanatic brand I am bringing you inside my life featuring real automotive content, products and services specifically aimed at the most enthusiastic automotive audience around the world. My goal is to inject automotive passion through sharing my life long experiences and comprehensive knowledge with the automotive world. This is real automotive content that is authentic and rewarding.

Please join me and come along for the ride!